A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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page 11

Tokyo Waka

Tokyo waka
I had to leave
too soon

     crematorium smoke
     drifts toward the school yard

at his remark
she blushes, secretly pleased
at 85

     taps the accelerator
     into the steep downhill curve

an ocean away
the scent

     of ollalaberry sauce
     as I struggle to reply

decades after
your death, the shape
of your hands

     I harvest the first strawberries
     some sweet, some bittersweet

the sky
and all those falling stars
the last night

     mistake after mistake
     rebuilding the bombed city

The opening link in these tan-renga were by Beverly Acuff Momoi, USA; they were closed by J. Zimmerman, USA. They were composed via e-mail in early June 2012.


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