A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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The Moons of Jupiter

pale winter sun
over the fuzzy top
of the dunes

a child tries to clap
his mittened hand

first across the bridge
laughter and the sound
of chapel bells

Franciscans claim to surpass
Dominicans in humility

the storm subsides
green acorns scattered
among the brown

four chestnuts and an orange,
he shows the moons of Jupiter

stop staring
after the geese –
they’re gone

her older sister teases her
about the neighbour's boy

smoothing her dark hair
he kneels to comb
the fire's reflection

no greater grief than to remember
happy times in misery

trapped by a rock-fall
within shouting distance
of the cave mouth

past the dentist's left ear
a window filled with daylight

big moon
inventing werewolf stories
at summer camp

in the shaving mirror
the liar avoids eye contact

a ladder
against a blind wall –
one moving finger

up and down the stairs

a slight flush
of pink this morning
on the old tree

Easter bunting in the rain
faded colours briefly rich

Revolving order of participants:
Paul Mercken, Netherlands (sabaki);
Alison Williams, Great Britain;
Graham High, Great Britain

March 14-30, 2012


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