A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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snowmelt -
one long aaaah
from the raven /go

among the gravestones
the first green shoots /ss

two rows of chairs
in the gymnasium
I ask for this dance /ws

there is even rhythm
to the untying of your hair /ac

a barrow-man
selling watermelon,
kids spitting pips … /go

not exactly smiling
Uncle Sam leads the parade /ac, ws

in every vestibule
the whiff of smoke
and office plots /ss

first autumn chill
& the pot-belly talking again /go

Michaelmas daisies brighten
the neglected yard /bd

as he sharpens the spade,
one of the old hymns /ss

through the gathering dusk
the cows
and their slow bells /go

too old for stories,
midwinter moon /ss

Composed at Issa’s Snail between August 13 and October 4, 2011.

Ashley Capes – Australia
Bill Dennis – United States
Genevieve Osborne – Australia
Sandra Simpson – New Zealand (sabaki)
William Sorlien – United States


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