A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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peace cairn
the delicate balance
of détente

Carolyn Coit Dancy - U.S.A.
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  safe from the avalanche
with a full head

space LeRoy Gorman - Canada
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    country pub
a butter churn converted
into the swear box

space Andre Surridge - New Zealand
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instant coffee
me and my neighbour
set the world to rights

space John McManus - U.K.
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  mummy painting the young girl's eyes wide open

space Margaret Dornaus - U.S.A.
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    black water pond
how deep
the crow's eyes

space Sanjukta Asopa - India
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junk cars
piled three high
a rusty red sunset

space Todd Grant - Canada
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  family farm
three generations
of tractors

space Alan S. Bridges - U.S.A.
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    abandoned shed ...
a turf cutter's boot
beyond the threshold

space Thomas Powell - N. Ireland
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old shed –
he claims 1966
for a pillow

space Scott Terrill - Australia
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  red shifts
at the hippodrome
my unbelief

space Patrick Sweeney - Japan
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    leaving in its wake
the echo of silence ...

space Keith A. Simmonds - Trinidad & Tobago
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childhood home
a new bike path
where the train ran

space Francis Masat - U.S.A.
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  ghost station –
the sound of hasty steps
trickles from the wall

space Ramona Linke - Germany
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    to the end of the line
the smiling face
on the back of the bus

space LeRoy Gorman - Canada
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the homeless gentleman
a little soft-shoe
in his stride

Peter Newton - U.S.A.
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