A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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wild chin hair
autumn chill

Beverly Acuff Momoi - U.S.A.
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  before the burn,
the aroma of smoke ...
scotch on the rocks

space Autumn Noelle Hall - U.S.A.
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    steam train whistle
the aroma of Grandpa's
pipe tobacco

space Leanne Mumford - Australia
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the flame flickers
this way and that
candlelit dinner

space Alan S. Bridges - U.S.A.
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  power failure
her shadow dances
with the candle flame

space Maire Morrissey-Cummins - Ireland
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    morning star
the candle I lit for you
still smoulders

space Tracy Davidson - U.K.
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down lovers' lane
a new development
set in concrete

space Barbara A. Taylor - Australia
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to match her pace

space Benjamin Moeller-Gaa - U.S.A.
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    his aging voice
a broken chord in the place
of bel canto

space Margaret Dornaus - U.S.A.
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old LP
at the end an encore
of silence

space Peter Newton - U.S.A.
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  a cold hearth
his limp leather gloves

space Autumn Noelle Hall - U.S.A.
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    what little I have –
the willow's
three leaves

space Mark Smith - U.S.A.
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weight loss ...
a widow speaks of
her deceased

space Anne Curran - New Zealand
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  taunting gravity
                a dying jack-pine
                              I'll write my own obit

space Steven Carter - U.S.A.
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    beside the graveyard
a windmill turns
into dusk

space Vuong Pham - Australia
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