A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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Cynthia Rowe - Australia

Windblown Leaf

The light aircraft rattles off down the strip, rises into the air until the rainforest stretches out below, lush and impenetrable. My travelling companion, a nervous first flyer, eyes the interlocking green reaching to the horizon. I sense his edginess, his disbelief, an almost muted terror.

tangled fig tree
the fern basket perched
on a branch

We flutter over ranges that have never been explored; birds abound in this uncharted territory, this last frontier. "There is nowhere to put this thing down!" he whispers in my ear. "Man wasn't meant to fly." I take his hand. He calms, a little.

mating dance
a flurry of grebes
by the billabong


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