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reveille    his still tender blossom tattoo

the uniform pristine the spots on the face without heads

pretend it's not there the stain darker each day

paper plane born on a fragrant breeze their starlight serenade

broken bottles sparkle the pavement

Scarface next door's tabby slinks into the tap-house bar

Nag Champa curls an airy syntax

aeons betrothed beyond space time and frame

in a dusty shoebox only likenesses

fat rabbit jelly mould the way the Mayan moon reflects

glade green light and fairy tales

'gone in search of Elrond ' any ears will do

leafcutter bee redefines the rosebush

saints in the arbour coat upon coat of  Magnolia Blush

new city benches too narrow to sleep

newspaper parse it shred it let the hamster have it

drive home the radio changes itself

tarnished trombone a drop of oil the slide as good as new

red light the icicle lengthens

votive candles drip silent confessions to stone

customs the diamonds don't show

weighed up in a pawn shop the memories don't count

blood moon their number by heart

asylum window gaze a road lined golden with poplars

invoke in whispers eye of Horus

two thousand year old names scratched in a Pompeii latrine

Pooh sticks pass under the bridge of time

leaves raked larghetto crackle softly with Beethoven

combs hair the colour of cobweb of mist

chewing gum and whiskey midday mingle on his breath

called from a poem leaving geese

.... am I sitting in a tin can far above the world1

lost in the supermarket amongst beans

out of the Oxfam shop wearing somebody else's sweat

wisteria spills over the neighbour's fence

spring snow   we lift cupped hands to sky

Note: 1. Lyric by David Bowie

an experimental Kasen renku
Mark Windsor & Sheila Windsor, UK
April/May 2011

Reveille, is an experimental one-line Kasen renku by my son Mark and myself. Experimental in the sense that while we loosely followed the normal Kasen season path and other conventions, we inverted the normal long/short verse order and wrote, at least in the case of some verses, in a more “modern” than usual style.


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