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Hard Frost

hard frost —
dad waves and calls me
by his sister's name

winter garden,
all the birds are flown

a pinch of seeds
forked into the ground
at Buddha's feet

the king is dancing still
in old Siam

 Sheila, John, Sheila, John

composed on Haikai Forum
January 12th - January 14th 2011
Sheila Windsor and  John E. Carley, UK

Low Flying Ducks

low flying ducks –
everyone utters
the same syllable

somewhere there’s an ocean
faintly white

let trade winds blow
I raise my cappuccino
to the day moon

their battered Vespas
dance across the square

Lorin, John, Lorin, John

composed via E-mail March 2012
Lorin Ford, AUS and John E. Carley, UK

Sparrow Chorus

dabs of sunlight
glitz the lonesome frog--
sparrow chorus

finding sanctuary,
water lilies

here and there
a virgin exits skyward
with a flourish

the baton’s descent
into utter silence

John, Carole, John, Carole

Composed via E-mail October, 2011
Carole MacCrury, USA and John E. Carley, UK


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