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such a big mouth
on the sea
but it can still whisper

leviathan giggles
under a baleful moon

the swelling buds
hold the secret of
tomorrow’s look

a peach of a girl
sweeps the cherry petals

every gesture flowing
from the ink stone
to the page

choking, the thurible
swings over the pall

shakuhachi flute notes
fold in the silence
autumn deepens

stick insect
have you broken that wing?

on the wall
a postage stamp from
somewhere coloured pink

graffiti, flowers
icing, bows and Kev

“All are winners
in the Caucus-Race!”
the Dodo says

a scuttle of claws
in the space between reels

Leviathan – A New Junicho

hokku – Ashley [gendai]
wakiku – Andrew [cult: lit]
daisan – kala [shasei]
#4 – Vasile [shasei]
#5 – John [cult: art]
#6 – Mary [cult: religion]
#7 – kala [cult: music]
#8 – Andrew [shasei]
#9 – John [shasei]
#10 – Ashley [gendai]
#11 – Lorin [cult: politics]
#12 – Willie [cult: film]

Composed at Issa’s Snail
April 1st to 5th May 2011

John Carley – England (sabaki)
Ashley Capes – Australia
Lorin Ford – Australia
Vasile Moldovan – Romania
Andrew Phillips – Australia
Kala Ramesh – India
William Sorlien – United States
Mary White – Ireland


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