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Nu Quang, USA

A Second Chance

In South Vietnam during the war, I was delighted to enroll in an English language school in Cholon, where the residents were mainly ethnic Chinese. On the other hand, I was filled with envy knowing that some of my classmates would be able to go to college in either Taiwan or America. Since my parents couldn't afford it, I could only dream. Then, Saigon fell and my dream was buried in the soil trampled by the Communists.

after the monsoon –
rows of firewood drying
in the sun

Years later, after settling in America, I asked my sponsor to help me fill out a Financial Aid form for college. I've just opened the envelope and learned that I've received full financial aid including room and board. Yes! I am going to college in America!

August sun . . .
new leaves sprouting
on a stump


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