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Kala Ramesh, India


Cricket fever is back in India. Was it ever allowed to taper off, one might as well ask. You walk down a street, or visit a mall, or just sit in your balcony, all you hear is the TV cricket commentary, in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, English from various channels, at various times. My daughter-in-law sends a mail saying that my son has called people home to spend the day to watch India play South Africa. When he calls, all we talk about is cricket. Do I know enough to contribute to the flow? I listen and make the necessary noises.

The final match day dawns. I decide that I'll jump on to the bandwagon too. I switch on the TV and thinking I've chosen the correct channel, make myself comfortable. But I can't really understand what's going on! Before long I must be fast asleep, for loud applause wakes me up. Just how did I get here, I wonder. It's the World Cup, but the commentary is in Hindi.

I get to the English channel. All of a sudden everything becomes crystal clear . . . the game, the commentator's wise-cracks and all. I understand cricket, I wanted to shout to the world.

constantly hearing
Hindi run into English
my thoughts
come churned out
in Hinglish


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