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Ed Markowski, USA

Who Met My Wife When I Met My Wife

Working the Northwest corner of 34th and Broadway at the screaming peak of the evening rush on December 23rd, 1986 she was lost found and left lingering in a blizzard of faces, in a forest of frowns, in the shuddering white of a shivering twilight snow explosion where she stopped when he stood she smiled shrugged shifted and shook the wet white flakes floating and falling from the shoulders of his black cashmere coat melting on the pavement between her blue shoes two breaths before she dropped three new quarters in I'm The Mime's Nathan 's Famous Busker's Cup just about three specks after I'm flagged a yellow cab, The Mime rode shotgun on the A-Train, and I appeared in the thin slot of space where they had stood .

My Mind
Out Of
A Swallow
I Follow
Traffic Jam


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