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Anne Curran, New Zealand

A Risk Taken

It's been a long day teaching high school. Usually I go home to unwind but this evening, I attend a workshop on book-making. Recently, I have avoided pursuing new hobbies but this tutor encourages me with her dedication and accomplishment.

As we draw, cut, measure, paste, and fold I find myself chatting with the other women about film making, about being a receptionist in a legal office, about a favourite radio program.

I remain quiet about my frustrations with student discipline, about my teaching contract ending. Tonight I don't want to be judged, just free to create in the company of women.

The door to the courtyard outside is open, the evening light spills through, and in our silences I listen to a fountain's water falling into the pool.

women's talk -
water smoothing
the rough edges of stone

Secure in the comfort of home again, I display my books on my bookshelf, colourful symbols of a surprise contentment.


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