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Glenn C. Coats , USA


"Your mother is fine and still drives to the hospital a few days each week to exercise. Doesn't get too close to the others in her class. Says one of the men always tries to talk with her. You know your mother—likes to keep her distance."

autumn leaves—
separate from its bow
mother's violin

"We met your sister down the shore. Bought her a hat with a wide brim for the cruise. Gave her a set of new luggage. She's excited. Your sister is very sociable and she'll fit right in on the ship."

storm damage
shells beyond
the water's reach

"Sold three doors to your last principal. Yes, that's her name. You were at the school in the country—a few miles from the circle. She is a serious person, matter of fact wouldn't you say. Calls a spade a spade. Spent quite a sum on the doors. The principal didn't rave about you. I told her what you are doing now. Maybe she just didn't like you."

Palm Sunday
the snap of branches
in my hands


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