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Marjorie A. Buettner, USA

These Wild Graces
(for Robin White)

This morning the house is full of quiet, then I open the window to a morning filled with birdsong. What would life be like without this miracle? After a long winter, the grass is green and the lake glistens in the morning sun. The fox once again visits my back yard and graces me with his presence–a wild grace to be sure but something I can count on. So much of what I live with here is a wild grace: the robin that built its nest over my front door now has a nest full of blue eggs. The plum tree–first to bloom with fragrant flowers–is filled with a myriad of birds that have migrated back to this same place. Last night a host of deer grazed 100 feet from my back door until dusk gathered them in. All these are wild graces which sustain me, nurture me, rescue me.

from the beginning
to the end of day
I ask the fates to please stop–
just for a moment–their work


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